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All sociologists write stories – Game & Metcalfe, Passionate Sociology

The relationship between fiction and sociology is as old as the discipline itself. Sociological fiction is receiving increasing attention of late – see The Sociological Review’s blog series on sociology and fiction, and Patricia Leavy’s work with the social fictions series. As I’ve raised recently, parallel threads run between contemporary sociological and literary methods, their subject matter, and their critical approach. Fiction and sociology can do more than reciprocally illuminate understandings of social life. Sociologists can bring sociology not just to fiction, through sociological readings of fictional texts, but into fiction as writers.

Inspired by Patricia Leavy’s work, I’m seeking submissions of fiction writing that strives to do just that. Bring sociology into fiction. Creatively enliven the sociological imagination. Tell a story.

The first volume of So Fi, a sociological fiction zine, is accepting pieces up to 1000 words until May 31, 2017.

Answers to frequently asked questions are here.
Other questions please email (ashleigh.watson@griffithuni.edu.au) or tweet (@awtsn).

Send submissions in a word document attachment plus a short bio (>50 words) to ashleigh.watson@griffithuni.edu.au.